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My name is Jodie and I am an early years educator with a degree in early childhood studies. I originally started this blog as a creative outlet in 2018 whilst job searching after finishing my degree. It was about time, as I spent a lot of my spare time whilst at university researching how to start a blog. (I did start a blog whilst at uni named SerendipityMind, but my nerves of others seeing it got the best of me). However, Soon after, I got a job as an early years educator and this blog was pretty much untouched.

Here is a snippet from my old ‘about me’ page.

“I’m not yet a mother, however, I never tire of talking about children and family life with children fascinates me. I guess I can’t quite imagine having a child 24/7 but I cannot wait until the day that I do. It seems like some kind of surreal/fantasy world to me. Although I know I probably won’t be saying that once I have a child!”

Well, I’m excited to tell you that now I’m only a matter of weeks away from going on maternity and welcoming our baby girl into the World!

This has given me the motivation to restart this blog as an creative outlet whilst on maternity and hopefully long after. It’s a place where I can share and discuss my passion of early education and parenting with others.

Through this blog, I hope I can inspire you to create fun and educational activities and play spaces for children. I will also be using this space to help other first time mum’s find their way into motherhood. Let’s take this journey together!

If you want to get in touch or just say hi, please email me at jodie@ignitetheircuriosity.com.

Thanks for visiting!