About me

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My name is Jodie and I am an early years educator with a degree in early childhood studies. I spend more time than I wish to admit to on reading others blogs. I find them so informative and love how they are real peoples, real opinions, and stories. Reading these blogs (specifically ones focusing on childcare and early education) have inspired me to use blogging as a creative outlet and to share and discuss my passion with others.

I’m not yet a mother, however, I never tire of talking about children and family life with children fascinates me. I guess I can’t quite imagine having a child 24/7 but I cannot wait until the day that I do. It seems like some kind of surreal/fantasy world to me. Although I know I probably won’t be saying that once I have a child!

In this corner of the internet, I plan to share my thoughts on topics relating to early childhood education and activity ideas. I also want to share my on-going journey to becoming healthier and using greener products. As educators, we teach children about healthy living and creating a greener environment but how much are we doing to promote this in our own daily lives?

Through this blog, I hope I can inspire you to create fun and educational activities and play spaces for children. I also hope I can inspire you to live healthier lives, for yourself and the environment which we are creating for the next generation.


Thanks for visiting!